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Reviews for the Sony bloggie touch mobile HD snap camera

"In terms of size and design, the new Bloggie has a similar appearance to that of a smartphone, thanks largely to that LCD touchscreen. While it feels solid and sturdy, it's still incredibly svelte for a camcorder and features a slick user interface. The large record button makes it a piece of cake to capture videos at a moment's notice. Taking pictures is also child's play, with a handily placed shutter button on the side for horizontal pictures. ... After playing around with the Bloggie for some time, we think that touchscreen control is definitely the way forward for pocket-sized camcorders."
Libby Plummer,

"The Sony Bloggie Touch will be the first portable camcorder in Britain controlled entirely by its 3 inch screen. The latest model in the popular Bloggie range is, like its predecessors, solidly built and straightforward to use. It fits nicely into a pocket, and the screen is bright, speedy and responsive. ... The touchscreen allows access to clips and pictures, as well as basic manipulation of the picture. It also offers full HD (1920 X 1080 pixels) video and can take photographs of up to 12.8 Mp, which, handily, you can do at the same time as filming. As well as the pink version, it is available in slightly more manly silver and black."
Simon Kurs, Top Gadget, InGear section, The Sunday Times, 17th October 2010

"The Sony Bloggie Touch feels sturdy, while still managing to be lightweight. For a mini-camcorder, it feels pretty classy, with a two-tone look and minimalist design. Flip Video's offerings may be the original mini-camcorders, and the Kodak PlaySport the most rugged, but the Bloggie Touch is the most stylish."
Charles Koet,

"The highlight is the beefed-up LCD screen, at 3-inches the screen is more generous, making it far easier to compose photos, and with a 288,000 pixels it’s fairly sharp. As a capacitive touchscreen it's effective; menu commands respond quickly and it’s easy to flick through your 12-megapixel still images. ...
First impressions of the Bloggie Touch are pleasing. We love the sleek design, it’s easy to use and the touchscreen responds well."

"Our first impressions from IFA are that this looks to be one of the most sophisticated pocket camcorders we've seen to date, and a genuine challenger to the dominance of the Flip brand of pocket camcorders."

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